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Post  JellyR on Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:29 pm

In order to make Luxis a great guild, we ask that all members follow the rules and codes of conduct below.

Failure to keep the guild rules will result in instant expulsion from the guild.
Failure to keep to the code of conduct will result in a warning, then expulsion for reoffenders.

Like a Star @ heaven No Hacking (this includes dowloaded auto-clickers)
Like a Star @ heaven No Leeching/Looting from Hackers
Like a Star @ heaven No Scamming
Like a Star @ heaven No KSing (except in defense, and only once the guild has been informed)

Like a Star @ heaven Your behaviour directly affects how others perceive the guild, so please be civil and considerate to other people in-game and on nexon forums.
Like a Star @ heaven Respect the guild Jrs. They have a responsibility to enforce guild rules and their decisions are final.
Like a Star @ heaven No spam in guild/union chat. If you don't get a response to a question or a comment, please assume that nobody can help you at the moment.
Like a Star @ heaven The union language is English. Please don't use other languages in guild/union chat since this excludes other members.

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