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Post  JellyR on Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:05 pm

Is Noxis a 'Junior' Guild for Luxis?
Noxis is mainly a guild for secondary characters of Luxis members. However we also have a community of people in Noxis who don't have a main in Luxis. These are people who are levelling quickly and hope to join Luxis soon, or close friends who don't meet the lvl required for Luxis but want to remain part of the guild community.

How can I join Noxis?
There is no open recruitment to Noxis since its main function is as a place for alts of Luxis members. It's not possible to apply to join Noxis unless you are a close friend of a current member. All recruitment to Noxis should be approved by FallenLegacy or one of the Jrs in Luxis.

Can I still join in Luxis guild activities if I'm in Noxis and have no main there?
Yes. You might not be ready to Zak yet but you will be very welcome on other guild activities. The two guilds should be very close and it's important to socialise with Luxis and Noxis members to be part of the community.

Will you help me with geting 3rd/4th job, Papulatus quests etc?
Yes...if we have time. Many of the higher levels in Luxis are grinding, merching and bossing hard. Please respect this if nobody is available to help you at the moment. Use the forum to post if you need help, and socialise with members who may then be more willing to help you out!

Who leads Noxis?
Noxis and Luxis are lead by JellyR, however membership to Noxis is managed by Mumubu (chícken) and FallenLegacy. You should contact them in the first instance if you have any questions.

I have a main in Luxis and my alt in Noxis has now reached lvl 120. Can my alt j
oin Luxis too?
No. Each guild member can have one character in Luxis and one in Noxis only.

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